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About Health Satisfaction provides information about each hospitals' patient satisfaction results and tells us how a hospital scored under a range of headings. These survey results help build a picture of the level of satisfaction with the service offered by each hospital.

Using the map

Use the map to search for hospital patient satisfaction results by measure/state. When you scroll over states on the map, the state average for a particular measure is displayed. By clicking on a state, you can view results for the ten top rated hospitals in that state.  You can also extend the view to all hospitals in your selected state.

Browse hospitals

You can search for particular hospital(s) by using the browse hospitals functionality. You can view hospitals within a particular state or further narrow down your search by selecting a particular county.  A list of all hospitals within that county will be displayed, with the results these hospitals achieved for the default measure 'Percent of Patients Highly Satisfied'.  You can switch measure by clicking on the [+] icon beside the measure name.

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Quality information for consumers

Health Care Report Cards: Searching for more information about hospital quality around the country? Then check out our Health Care Report Cards site (http://blogs.ipro.org/healthcare-reporting/),


Resources for providers

Patient experience resources for providers: Learn from other hospitals about successful strategies to create safe, reliable health care processes and deliver high-quality care to patients. Visit  http://www.whynotthebest.org to view the Patient Experiences Case Study series.


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